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Zo li mache

Did I mention that I broke my hand?

Walking into the office on January 2nd, first day back after the office holiday closure, I was looking to the side when I stepped on a very smooth, very snow-covered maintenance hole cover. Wham, and I was on the ground. I landed on my left side and my left pinky hurt as I got up.

It happened so fast, I didn’t quite see everything. I felt like my pinky went out of alignment with my hand, and I was a bit worried that I broke the finger. But I felt it very carefully, trying to feel for breaks, and concluded that it was fine. But it hurt. I bound my pinky to my ring finger for a few hours and went on with life.

After the first day, I didn’t really feel any pain, but the hand became pretty swollen for about a week, and it was after the swelling went down that I noticed that the metacarpal bone didn’t feel right. That was when I started to worry that I’d broken it (spoiler alert: I’d broken it!)

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