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I will now Preen

The Groundspeed of Joy

I drove for eleven hours yesterday (including through some construction-site nightmares in Illinois — Hey, Illinois: your tolls are out of control. You expect me to pay those price to drive such terrible roads?) and finally arrived in Madison, WI, where I’m now hobnobbing with some of the most awesome people on the planet!

Writer’s Workshops at WisCon

What do people think of the Writer’s Workshops that take place at WisCon? Has anyone on my friends list tried one? Impressions?

WisSched for Android

Made some good progress tonight. I’m going to hafta make some decisions about how much theming I’m gonna do. Frinstance: here is a snippet of info from the “Con Info” part of the app:

Internally, I store the content as simple HTML, and on the iPhone, I apply a bit of CSS glory to get a look and feel that approximates an iPhone feel (although I’m getting tired of that grey pinstripe background). Pop the HTML into a UIWebView and we’re golden.

The same general strategy works for the Android: throw the HTML into a WebView. But, in general, my Nexus tends to make very different default theme choices: showing white text on a dark background in non-HTML parts of the app. So I gave the Android version the most basic of CSS styles. This look fits in better with some of the other widget defaults. I’ll probably do some tweaking as I get closer to having a finished version.

WisSched on iPad

Yesterday, I submitted a new binary to Apple: there’s no WisCon 37 content, but I don’t want to wait until the last minute to get functional changes in place. There are a few new features, but the primary changes relate to iPhone 5 support and iPad functionality.

Here’s my favourite new piece, specific to the iPad:

The layout is dynamic: that is to say, that given all the panels, rooms, and timeslots, I’m able to lay it all out programmatically. There are tricky elements: multiple rooms that act as one room for certain events. The Gathering is sometimes considered to be multiple events that all take place in one room. And I want to do a second pass on my algorithm for time labels (what do you show when multiple time slots overlap?) But I’m mostly happy with the final result.

It’ll probably take 2 weeks before Apple approves it.

The Chronicles of Madison

One of the things that was especially exciting about this year’s WisCon was the opportunity to get my hands on a copy of this year’s WisCon Chronicles. And it’s all about vanity, I admit: I have an essay in the book about the way panels over the last few cons have struggled with talking about class.
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