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Maybe Dreamwidth is as Good as it Gets

Like so many others, I keep getting depressed by the state of social media. I keep hoping that there’s gonna be a good platform with:

  1. A non-trivial number of people I’m interested in following;
  2. With a non-sucky UI; and
  3. A reasonable stance on Nazis (for me, “reasonable” = “we don’t allow them here”).

Facebook blows, but it has all the people.

Tumblr was my second-favourite platform, but it clearly isn’t surviving the Verizoning.

Google+ is dead. Not many people, but good communities.

MeWe is all Freezed Peach!

I tried Minds the other day and it immediately recommended that I follow Jordan Peterson.

Twitter doesn’t lend itself to the kinds of conversations I want to have. I think it’d need some privacy controls and much better search.

Dreamwidth is great. Except that:

  1. It has a really clunky UI; and
  2. It’s a bit of a ghost town.

So, I’ve resuscitated my interest in building an iOS app so that I can access my reading list more easily. Dreamwidth is making it hard, ’cause their APIs are pretty-much non-existent. I’ve finally solved all of the hardest of problems. Maybe I’ll be able to love it more if I have better access.

Are you an iOS person? Would you be interested in giving an iOS app a whirl as a beta tester?

Dreamwidth for iOS

Shortly after WisCon, I decided that I wanted to be able to work with my Dreamwidth journal on my iPhone. An iOS app seemed like a natural thing that should exist in the world and, conveniently, I know how to make one.

Sadly, I was quickly impeded by the state of the existing API. The API was designed in another age: back before Rest/JSON, and at a time when people expected “LJ/DW clients” to be desktop apps that’d download all your entries for off-line reading. There are some glaring omissions from the API (and it’s certainly… old-timey).

But, hey, it’s open source, no? I mean, I suppose I could send them a pull request. True, I don’t really know Perl and find that LAMP development is about five times harder than it should be. But, hey, minor stuff.

Over the summer, I started talking to some of the folks at Dreamwidth about this, and that started me into conversations about a new Rest/JSON API and whatnot. But progress on that front has been slow. Which I get. They have their own priorities, and some weirdo from the Internet is pestering them with, “hey, if you added an X I could make you a Y.” I just think it’s a Y that’s interesting.

A few days ago, I was hit with another urge to work on the Dreamwidth iOS app, and I built out a quick app that implements some of the basic functions. I can login, see my recent entries, view some basic profile information, and post a simple entry. That’s not nothing.

But I’m still stuck with those API limitations that seem to prevent me from really making this thing useful. Le sigh.

WisSched on iPad

Yesterday, I submitted a new binary to Apple: there’s no WisCon 37 content, but I don’t want to wait until the last minute to get functional changes in place. There are a few new features, but the primary changes relate to iPhone 5 support and iPad functionality.

Here’s my favourite new piece, specific to the iPad:

The layout is dynamic: that is to say, that given all the panels, rooms, and timeslots, I’m able to lay it all out programmatically. There are tricky elements: multiple rooms that act as one room for certain events. The Gathering is sometimes considered to be multiple events that all take place in one room. And I want to do a second pass on my algorithm for time labels (what do you show when multiple time slots overlap?) But I’m mostly happy with the final result.

It’ll probably take 2 weeks before Apple approves it.