WisSched on iPad

Yesterday, I submitted a new binary to Apple: there’s no WisCon 37 content, but I don’t want to wait until the last minute to get functional changes in place. There are a few new features, but the primary changes relate to iPhone 5 support and iPad functionality.

Here’s my favourite new piece, specific to the iPad:

The layout is dynamic: that is to say, that given all the panels, rooms, and timeslots, I’m able to lay it all out programmatically. There are tricky elements: multiple rooms that act as one room for certain events. The Gathering is sometimes considered to be multiple events that all take place in one room. And I want to do a second pass on my algorithm for time labels (what do you show when multiple time slots overlap?) But I’m mostly happy with the final result.

It’ll probably take 2 weeks before Apple approves it.

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  1. avatar Amy says:

    Very cool, BC!