Film Festival Film #5: Krivina

I wish I could say that I liked Krivina more than I did. It has a lot going for it: a Bosnian living in Toronto returns after he hears reports that a friend of his, Dido, is wanted for war profiteering. He spends his time going from old address to old address, Dido’s relative to next relative. There’s almost a Godot-like quality, but rather than being a study of waiting, and life on hold, the overriding feeling is one of trauma and PTSD.

It’s a slow, languorous piece and I confess that I was impatient with it at times. It’s also a “but the aliens were really the humans after all” kind of story — the kind of story with a twist at the end that is supposed to make you go, “oooh”, but instead makes you think, “uh… is this your first screenplay?”

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  1. avatar Ken Walker says:

    Saw this film at TIFF. Can’t figure out why they wasted a slot for it. It was not only slow, a third of the film was watching the guys shoulders from the back as he walked streets. It is about people who are refugees from a country where they were committing genocide against their neighbours who were given refuge in Canada. They weren’t happy with the accommodations, the construction jobs they got or the fact that the refugee program didn’t accommodate a pet dog so they literally told Canada to go F** itself. Filming was crude, surely they could get a tripod. Overall this film was complete garbage. My only bad experience of 17 films at TIFF