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WisSched for Android

Made some good progress tonight. I’m going to hafta make some decisions about how much theming I’m gonna do. Frinstance: here is a snippet of info from the “Con Info” part of the app:

Internally, I store the content as simple HTML, and on the iPhone, I apply a bit of CSS glory to get a look and feel that approximates an iPhone feel (although I’m getting tired of that grey pinstripe background). Pop the HTML into a UIWebView and we’re golden.

The same general strategy works for the Android: throw the HTML into a WebView. But, in general, my Nexus tends to make very different default theme choices: showing white text on a dark background in non-HTML parts of the app. So I gave the Android version the most basic of CSS styles. This look fits in better with some of the other widget defaults. I’ll probably do some tweaking as I get closer to having a finished version.

A phone for each hand

In Haiti, people who can afford it often carry multiple phones because the reliability of cell service is so awful. Over the last few weeks, I’ve also been carrying two phones. My reasons are different: I’m a mobile developer, and I’ve been wanting to improve my familiarity with the Android platform. So here are my phones:

The one on the left is a Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean; the phone on the right is an iPhone 5 running iOS 6. Strictly speaking, the iPhone 5 is the newer phone; I’ve had the Nexus a few weeks longer than I’ve had the iPhone 5, but the 5 just replaced my three-year-old 3S (that’s 21 in mobile years!).

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